On-Going Redevelopment Programs

Economic Incentives Program
The City may consider assisting businesses moving to or expanding in Banning if they employ a substantial number of people or generate significant sales tax.

Other factors that will be considered include the wages of the jobs being created and the need for the business in the community to avoid leakage.

Types of assistance include construction of off-site improvements like curb and gutter and traffic signals; payment of fees; and work-out financing. In some cases, the type and/or amount of assistance may trigger a requirement to pay prevailing wages on all aspects of the project.

Developers and/or businesses wishing to receive assistance should contact the City.

Art in Public Places
The City is committed to the inclusion of art in public places. This includes the 3 gateways into the City - the west end of Ramsey Street at Highland Springs Avenue, the east end of Ramsey Street at Hargrave Street, and the entry into the Downtown at 8th Street and Ramsey Street.