Downtown Commercial Design Standards

One of the areas of emphasis in the revitalization of Downtown Banning is the improvement of the appearance of its buildings.  To achieve this goal, three architectural styles are emphasized for use in new construction or major renovation.  Each of these is described and illustrated below and discussed in more detail in Banning's Commercial Corridor Design Standards.
California Mission Architectural Style
The California Mission architectural style contains strong massing, colonnades, arches, white plaster, pitched mudded tiled roofs, wrought iron, exposed ridge rafters, and recessed windows.  Towers are often used as focal points of the architecture.
Ranch Adobe Architectural Style
The Ranch Adobe architectural style is characterized by strong massing, simple shapes, bent roof lines, white plaster, mudded tiled roofs and wrought iron.
Ranch Adobe.jpg
Craftsman Architectural Style
The Craftsman architectural style maintains low pitched roofs, large eaves, stone wainscot, exposed timber, porches, wood siding, jewel tone colors, tapered columns and double columns.
Craftsman house.jpg