Ramsey Street Charette

The word charette refers to a collaborative session in which a group of designers drafts a solution to a design problem. Charettes take place in many disciplines, including urban planning, where the charette has become a technique for consulting with all stakeholders. Such charettes typically involve intense meetings and promote joint ownership of solutions. The Inland California Chapter of the American Institute of Architects lead what is known as the Ramsey Street Charette on May 1, 2004. This 1-day Community Design Workshop brought together City residents, staff, and community leaders to discuss ideas and visions for the Ramsey Street corridor between 8th Street and Hargrave. The group addressed the following list of goals:
  • Enhance the physical appeal and attractiveness of the Downtown area
  • Make Downtown Banning a destination point
  • Promote a safe, family-friendly atmosphere and activities
  • Create an environment that will retain and attract business
Three teams were formed that created concepts for defining the Downtown area, generating ideas for vacant land and the consolidation of smaller parcels to facilitate master planning, and creating street beautification standards.

The Downtown Design Standards and Downtown Streetscape programs are outgrowths of the community workshop.

Click here to access the full report on the Ramsey Street Charette.