Rebates & Programs

What We Offer
At Banning Electric Utility, meeting the needs of our customers is very important to us. We offer a wide variety of programs that provide valuable rebates and services. From rebates for planting shade trees to recycling inefficient refrigerators, and providing low-income assistance, there is a program for everyone.

Residential Programs                                                             ALL APPLICATIONS AND PROGRAM
Commercial Programs                                                                 GUIDELINES ARE UP-TO-DATE
Low Income Assistance

ATTENTION: Rebate funds for the Photovoltaic (PV) program have been exhausted. The City will no longer offer rebates for new PV applications. Customers wishing to install PV on their homes or businesses without a rebate are welcomed to submit an application.

Banning residents can participate in the Gas Company’s rebate program, click on the link for more information: 

Thermostats can contain mercury. Exposure to mercury is dangerous. Recycle your old thermostat and receive $5 by going to Then, find a thermostat collection site here.